Aug. 17th, 2012

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So, still unemployed. I had a job briefly in July that didn't work out, and another a couple weeks ago that also didn't work. I am now seriously broke.

How broke? If I starve for the next few weeks, my entire savings will cover half the bills due at the end of the months. Not good.

If I come up with $400 by the 25th (while starving), the bills should be okay. I have 2 job interviews on Monday, one of which is pretty much sure to hire me. So I'm not panicking anymore.

So far this month I've had 4 interviews that went nowhere. One I didn't do very well at; not surprised they didn't hire me. One turned out to be a door-to-door sales job; turned that one down (would not go well with my social anxiety). The other two went really well but I still wasn't hired.

I was going to have an interview tomorrow, but while scheduling, they got the impression that I wasn't interested and cancelled soon after. My utter lack of charisma strikes again. I was in fact interested; but it was only a one-day-a-week job, so I'm not bothering to chase after it. I can only laugh at myself. I don't know how I keep managing to do things like that.

The virtually-certain job I have lined up would pay $12/hr. Depending on when I start, that may or may not get me the $400 in time. The other job would pay $15, but is physically very strenuous and might start way too late to make those bill payments. The $12 job promises pay raises and possible promotions. Decisions, decisions.

Will see how Monday goes, and make up my mind then. In more boring news, weather is cooling down and a tree outside my window is already turning yellow.

Will also let you know how the Mr. Noodles and SlimFast diet fares. (Fuck, I'm hungry.)


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