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On Once Upon A Time 1.22, A Land Without Magic

Charming tries to escape from the queen's guards. Where did he come by these combat skills? He can't have been impersonating James that long, and there wouldn't have been many opportunities for thrilling heroics a sheep farm.

The huntsman saves Charming's ass. I hope we see more of him next season. Perhaps this isn't the only time he sabotaged Regina's evil schemes.

If Emma had eaten the apple turnover as planned, Henry probably would have revived her with a kiss. So much for that plan, Regina.

Charming gets lost in an inescapable forest. I bet Hansel and Gretel are in the same forest somewhere, lost forever. Who knows how many people Regina has stranded in there?

Rumpelstiltskin shows up and offers Charming a way out. Charming's response is to attack him with a sword. Fine way to show gratitude, Charming. A very amusing swordfight, though. Charming just can't seem to get it through his head that he can't beat Rumpel this way.

"So brave, so gallant, so pointless." What is Charming even hoping to accomplish? If by some miracle he kills Rumpel, he's still lost in the inescapable forest. Or is he hoping to kill Rumpel and take the magic ring for free? Not nice, Charming. Really, he has no reason to attack; Rumpel has never harmed him and is not threatening him. I'd at least hear him out first.

Charming gave Rumpel his cloak only a short time ago. Now it's dirty, matted, and shredded. What's Rumpel been up to lately to destroy it like that?

Charming and Rumpel discuss true love. Charming can't believe Rumpel is capable of love. "It was a brief flicker of light amidst an ocean of darkness," says Rumpel. Poor guy.

Why couldn't Rumpel stash the egg in Maleficent himself? Why trust Charming with it? Maybe he didn't want Maleficent mentioning to Regina that he'd paid a visit?

Regina is amazed to learn that Rumpel has bottled true love. I suspect bottled love is a mythological substance in their world, believed to be impossible to make. I really want to see the Blue Fairy's reaction to this news. Remember: "If you can bottle love, you can do anything."

"Tell me, Your Majesty, is our friend still in the basement?"
How does Rumpel know where Maleficent is? He must have been quite busy since he got his memory back.

Regina tells Henry she's sorry. Only sorry he ate the turnover though; not for anything else. She's certainly not sorry about stabbing Jefferson in the back (AGAIN!). I suspect she never intended to hold up her end of that deal; even if she could rewrite people's fake memories before Emma came, I doubt she still can. Wouldn't she have used that to keep Snow and Charming apart if she could?

Jefferson gets revenge by releasing Belle. How the hell does he know about her? He could have discovered the hospital gulag while sneaking around and spying, but how does he know who she is?

Regina does not warn Emma that she'll be facing a fucking dragon. Even though, as far as she knows, Henry's life depends on Emma succeeding. Bitch.

Regina refers to Maleficent's "punishment." Interesting. She used the Dark Curse to "punish" everyone in her world. For what?

Charming pulls a sword on Maleficent to ask where the beast is, clearly not knowing who she is. Is this how he usually behaves when he needs something from a stranger? Or did Rumpel warn him that she was dangerous? If so, he didn't listen; he still thinks his sword is enough to handle her. *sigh* Oh Charming, you never learn.

Snow's glass coffin is in Maleficent's lair. Remember when we saw it in episode 5? Imagine if Maleficent had escaped then. Might have convinced Emma a bit sooner.

Dragon!Maleficent is fucking awesome.

Charming escapes through a stained glass window. That is a flimsy fucking window.

How did Charming swim across a lake in leather clothes, with a sword?

Rumpel hands over the ring, and Charming finally remembers his manners and says thank you. Rumpel throws in a horse and a snazzy new outfit free of charge. Lucky for Snow; Charming probably didn't smell too good after trekking all over the woods for however many weeks without changing clothes.

Emma kills the dragon. So Maleficent is dead now? I am disappoint.

Charming finds Snow in a glass coffin made out of a fallen tree. It seems they didn't intend to bury her in a coffin that huge. So, glass? Did they want to hang around and watch her rot?

"My mother's ring. It led me to you." Notice how Charming doesn't explain *how* the ring suddenly became a magical Snow-locator. Tsk, Charming. Would it kill you to give credit where it's due? (I bet a lot of people who deal with Rumpel fib about it like this.)

"Gold! He manipulated all of this!" Regina's finally catching on. Rumpel takes the egg and leaves Emma and Regina to their own devices, promising that Henry will be fine. And he's right! A kiss from Emma and Henry's back; so is everyone's memories. Rumpel knew that all along, but needed Emma to retrieve the egg for his own purposes. Sneaky bastard. (Would a kiss from Regina have saved Henry? I think not; the love has to be reciprocated. I don't think Henry loves Regina.)

The curse is broken. Everyone remembers, and presumably they can now leave Storybrooke. Rumpel uses bottled love and the wishing well (formerly Lake Nostos) to bring magic to Storybrooke. What's he up to? Does he still need magic to find Baelfire? "The water [in the well] is said to have the power to return that which has been lost," Rumpel says. "Lost," the word he used when Belle asked about his son.

More thoughts to come on Rumpelstiltskin and the Blue Fairy.

Date: 2012-05-17 04:33 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] dreamflower
dreamflower: gandalf at bag end (Default)
Dragon!Maleficent is fucking awesome.

Yep. Even when she was animated. Actually she was even more awesome animated! Of course, Sleeping Beauty was much more my favorite than Snow White when I was a kid half a century ago.

And is the spell 100% broken? If it is, why did they not all go back to Fairytale World?

Date: 2012-05-17 04:09 pm (UTC)From: [identity profile] fell-beast2.livejournal.com
And is the spell 100% broken? If it is, why did they not all go back to Fairytale World?

I got the feeling from "The Return" that the Dark Curse destroyed Fairytale World completely, so there's nothing for them to go back to. Rumpelstiltskin clearly wanted the curse broken, but didn't want to go back, so designing the curse to send them back upon breaking wouldn't make any sense.


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