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The rewatch begins! There will be spoilers for later episodes.


Mary runs straight to Sam’s room alone and unarmed. Panic, or could she have dealt with a human intruder herself? Given her hunting background, I think she could. On the other hand, she’s been out of hunting for 10 years, and has to have that deal with Azazel on her mind; he’s due to visit this year. Does she think he’s already come and gone? You’d think an ex-hunter would be prepared for trouble, knowing a demon might show up any day.

Dean saves Sam for the first time.

John holds the kids and looks up, silently vowing to avenge his wife. That flushing sound you hear is Sam and Dean’s childhood vanishing down the crapper.

Mary was definitely still alive on the ceiling. Azazel is a dick.


Sam hates Halloween. Can’t say I blame him. Interestingly, the photo from Mary’s bedside seems to have survived the fire.

Dean breaks into Sam apartment in the middle of the night. He has a point about the phone, but still could have knocked.

John’s disappeared while hunting. I still wonder what exactly set him off like that.

Sam and Dean discuss their shitty childhood. Given John’s paranoia, I’m surprised they didn’t spend their early years quivering in a corner, screaming at every shadow and every sound.

John took off knowing the a woman in white was haunting Jericho, and Dean would be showing up to look for him. He must know Dean’s history with women is the sort of thing a woman in white would target. Not cool. However his message was half inaudible. Maybe he did warn Dean about the ghost. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on this, since he isn’t a gibbering moron and does care about Dean’s survival.

Dean could check out Jericho without Sam, but doesn’t want to. Poor Dean must have gone nuts not talking to Sam for 2 years. (Sam has been gone longer than that; if he’s interviewing for law school next year, he’s in his fourth year of undergrad.)

Ghost tries to run them over with Dean’s car, they fling themselves off the bridge. There was plenty of standing room outside of the handrail. Dean went flying head first, but is perfectly fine.

In John’s motel room they find shitloads of research on the walls. Some of it is about demons. Hunting Azazel?

John left his journal behind, so he definitely expected Dean to come looking. Douchey move, disappearing like that.

Sam explains what a woman in white is. Are these ghosts of cuckolded spouses always women? Seriously? Not one man in white? And why white?

Sam and Dean have a plan in case one of them gets arrested. Really want to know what they got up to before Sam left.

Ghost kidnaps Sam by making the car drive itself. How does that work?

Sam has never been unfaithful, so ghost has no justification for killing him. Solution: molest Sam, call that infidelity, kill justified. I love ghost logic. She then tries to rip his heart out of his chest, something we see ghosts doing in season 4 (?). Suddenly, a wild Dean appears! How the fuck did he get there so fast?

Sam defeats ghost with his brain (pausing for a one-liner, of course). I love me a smart protagonist. Ghost couldn’t go home because her dead (murdered) kids were haunting it.

It looks like ghost gets dragged to hell by her ghost kids, but we know from later episodes that this is not how it works. Ghosts can’t send each other to hell. The act of murder doesn’t get an automatic trip to hell, or she’d have been dragged down as soon as she died. It seems the only people who actually go to hell are those who sold their souls to a demon (or pissed off a demon enough for that demon to send a rogue reaper to fetch you). The boys might want to salt ‘n’ burn the corpse just in case.

Dean drops Sam off, starts to leave, then turns back because something feels wrong. He bursts in just as Jessica goes up in flames. Poor Sam watches the love of his life burn to death on the ceiling just like his mom. Dean drags him out (again).

Sam is now off for revenge just like dad. Fortunately he’s not dragging any kids along.

So, where’s John? It wasn’t demon signs in Palo Alto that sent him running off, or he’d have been there. I have a theory, but I’ll discuss it at the end of the season.

**Episode death count: 6. 4 women, 2 men.

***Kill count: 0. While Sam was clever to drive the ghost into her house, it was other ghosts who ultimately dealt with her.

**Death count: this is tracking how many characters die. In order to count, a character must either die during the episode, or appear on screen as a ghost or corpse (or parts thereof). For this ep, Jess, Mary, and that guy near the beginning died during; the 3 ghosts died before the ep started, but they still appeared during. The 10 men the ghost killed before the ep don’t count, as we don’t see their bodies or ghosts. (This count does not include Sam, Dean or Castiel’s deaths.)

***Kill count: this is tracking how many people/things Sam and Dean kill.


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