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Creepy-ass opening. Creatures in the woods have always freaked me out.

Sam has a nightmare about Jess. He’s blaming himself for her death because he didn’t tell her about his monster-hunting upbringing. But would good would it have done? Assuming she believed him, she might have kept some salt around while he was gone but I can’t see her doing any more than that. After all, there was no threat in the area as far as Sam knew. The demon would have gotten her anyway.

Jess has the same birthday as Dean, Jan 24. If I were into Wincest I’d read things into that.

Aww, Dean offers to let Sam drive to take his mind off things. That’s love. I doubt Sam finds driving the Impala as comforting as Dean does, though.

Tommy Collins is due back from camping on the 24th. November 24? In the Rockies? Not exactly camping season.

Dean wants to look into things, Sam just wants to find John. I can see where Sam’s coming from. His girlfriend was just murdered, he’s angry and grief-stricken, John most likely has answers, and they might not find him if they don’t hurry.

I can see Dean’s point as well. Someone might be in trouble, John sent them here to help. However, at this point in his character development I think he’s acting more out of blind obedience to John than altruism.

Like the Winchesters, the Collinses are very close and protective of each other. I’m sure Dean’s seeing himself in Haley.

"I think I know how you feel." Yup, Dean’s definitely seeing himself.

Sam’s noticed the moving shadow behind Tommy. I’ve seen this ep at least 5 times and this is the first time I could see it without slow motion. Sam has good eyes.

The wendigo apparently hibernates for 23 years, spends a summer eating people, then back to sleep for another 23 years. What happens if someone disturbs a snoozing wendigo? Will it wake up? Will it be weaker than usual?

After research, Sam is convinced there’s something to hunt and no longer insisting on leaving. Sam’s desire to hunt comes from knowing people are in danger, not from John’s orders.

The survivor from 1959 has a wicked scar. His story is fucking creepy. Why did the wendigo let him live? It doesn’t seem terribly sentimental; I think the kid just didn’t have enough meat on him to bother with.

"Could be a skinwalker, maybe a black dog." Are we ever going to find out what a black dog is?

Sam’s angry that they’ll be tagging along with civilians, and that Dean is still following orders without question, but decides not to push it. Sam’s right about the civilians, but how would they convince Haley to stay away? They could take her to hear the survivor’s story, but would that work? She might just be more determined to go out there; however, she’d know how much danger she was in. Unlike now.

The wendigo still has decades-old corpses hanging from the ceiling, and eats its victims alive.

Dean almost steps into a bear trap while sassing the ranger. I bet the ranger was tempted to let him step in it.

The wendigo hunts at night, and even in the day all the wildlife flees from its territory. Even the bugs. That is one scary motherfucker.

Wendigo steals their gear. Ok, so it doesn’t just hunt at night.

Dean thinks wendigos don’t cross state lines. I see no reason they wouldn’t be on every continent.

Sam wants to get the civilians out, but is being quite an ass about it. Does Sam ever engage in dick-measuring contests like this again?

Apparently there symbols that wendigos can’t cross. How is this supposed to work?

Wendigo lures them to location of ranger’s body, herds them so they stand right under it, and drops the body on them. Someone has a flair for drama.

Ranger pissed off the wendigo, so it killed him quickly. The others will be eaten alive. I’ll keep that in mind if I ever meet one.

Sam and Ben fall through a floor and land on uneven rock without breaking a single bone.

If Tommy’s still alive the wendigo must have been feeding him. Feeding him bits of his friends. Poor Tommy.

Smart wendigo doesn’t fall for Dean’s distraction and goes after the others. Dean kills it anyway.

Tommy is rescued and all is well. See you in season 8, Tommy.

Final thoughts on Sam’s attitude: He’s afraid of turning into John. He’s now going through what John did in ‘83, and reacting much the same way (revenge). He wants to find John and the demon quickly, kill the demon, and get the fuck out of hunting. John ended up going hunting for everything he could find and is still at it after 22 years; Sam wants to ditch the small jobs and get it over with before he wastes another decade of his life. Sam is terrified of ended up in the same boat as John, and thus, is not emotionally stable at the moment.

Death count: 4 men, 0 women. This includes the wendigo.

Kill count: Dean: 1, Sam: 0.

One last thing: the boys look so young! They’re babies!


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