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In which the boys meet a demon for the first time.

Here we get our first look at a demon. It looks more like a swarm of bugs than smoke.

Demon shows off his sexy black eyes and kills a plane full of people. I can’t get an accurate count of deaths in this episode.

Camera gives us a close-up of Dean’s ass.

Dean keeps a knife under his pillow (smart) and can wake up instantly at the slightest sound. I’m curious about when he developed that skill. Did John instil it in him during childhood, or did he learn it as he got actively involved in hunting? I suspect the former.

Sam’s avoiding sleep. Nightmares must be bad.

It’s 5:45 AM, and the sun is up. This ep takes place in the fall or winter. It should be dark.

Sam was watching an informercial. I loathe just staring at the wall when I can’t sleep, but I’d still prefer that to infomercials.

Dean claims he never loses sleep over the job. Liar, liar, mom on fire.

John was massively proud of Sam but only showed it when Sam wasn’t around. We see the same behaviour in Dean later, particularly at end of season 8.

The demon must have ditched his vessel in mid-air and gone to the cockpit to leave that sound on the recording. This is only time we a demon speak (sort of) without a meat suit, unless it possessed one of the pilots briefly. As far as we know the surviving pilot didn’t notice the demon or report any gaps in his memory.

I’m now imagining the nervous flyer’s terror. One second he’s in an airport bathroom, then he’s suddenly falling from the sky.

The survivor mentions black eyes, and it means nothing to the boys. It looks like they’ve never seen a demon before.

Dean is so proud of his homemade EMF meter. :)

Boys don’t recognize sulphur when they see it. More evidence this is their first demon.

Narrow escape from Homeland Security.

Boys have never heard of demons committing mass murder. The demons we see later aren’t exactly subtle about their love of murder, so have they been keeping quiet until now?

"Demons, they don’t want anything, just death and destruction for its own sake." Yet crashing planes for fun is such a surprising thing for a demon to do?

Dean’s terrified of flying but won’t let Sam get on a doomed plane without him. Aww.

Demon needs emotional distress to possess someone. There is no evidence of this whatsoever in later eps; they can even possess corpses. Boys probably misinformed.

How’d they sneak holy water past airport security?

Demons flinching at the name of God (in any language) is something we never see again. Writers obviously didn’t have demons fully planned out at this point. Continuity gaffes like this annoy me.

Why is Latin special? I got the impression that Lucifer created demons waaaaay back in the early days of the human species (150,000 - 200,000 years ago). Nobody was speaking anything remotely related to Latin back then. Even if Lucifer’s tantrum was in the Bronze Age, still no Latin then.

Demon knows all about Sam. Not that surprising; Operation Free Lucifer would be big news in Hell.

Demon’s voice is warped when speaking through its meat suit, another thing we never see again.

Are the people in the rear seats seriously not hearing this?

Demon is more powerful in bug swarm smoke form. Contradicted in later eps, where demons don’t seem able to do anything without a vessel. Damn writers.

John Winchester, wtf? He knows Dean’s frantic, he could at call and say he’s alive and not to look for him.

Final thoughts on the demon: Has to be one of Azazel’s minions, since it recognized Sam and knew the details of Jess’s death. Why is it crashing planes? My guess, it’s just having fun in its spare time. Why crash at forty minutes? Don’t know. Forty minutes might have some personal significance to this particular demon.

Death count: 2 men, plus those who died in the first crash (accurate numbers unavailable).

Kill count: 0 (exorcism doesn’t count, as the demon is still alive)
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