Aug. 9th, 2010 09:48 pm
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Made it to Edmonton and finally got an internet connection!

Will post about the trip later, when I have more time.


Aug. 5th, 2010 11:15 pm
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Leaving tomorrow at crack of dawn.

Things went wrong at the last possible minute that I have no way of fixing. Of course. Alternating between screaming and throwing things, and crying because I have to leave poor Shadowfax behind. It cannot be understated how much I'll miss him. :'(

Won't have internet for days, possibly weeks. Will update as soon as I can.

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I'm leaving for Edmonton Friday morning. It'll be a 2-day drive through the Rockies, with a cat who hates travelling. Fun.

I was going to take Shadowfax with me, but he's an outdoor cat. He loves frolicking through the woods and goes nuts just staying inside overnight. In Edmonton he'd have to stay indoors all the time; it'd be too cruel. So I'm leaving him with my parents, where he can roam and kill things to his heart's content, and taking the new cat with me. She doesn't mind staying inside.

By the way, the name Calliope doesn't really suit her, so now I'm calling her Phoebe.

I'll miss Shadowfax like hell, but I don't have the heart to lock him up indoors. He won't be happy when I leave; he loves me, follows me around everywhere. Poor kitty. :( He's curled up near my feet right now. So cute!

Hopefully I'll be getting a new cell phone with a camera, so I'll try to get pictures during the drive. The scenery's spectacular.
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Here's a Harry Potter fic I wrote for [ profile] springtime_gen.

I would have posted it months ago, but can't figure out how to copy/paste on my new computer. I'm using my old one for this. The old computer will not be available after today, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody go to my previous entry and help me out.

Title: Toujours Pur
Characters: Walburga Black
Rating: PG-13
Comments always appreciated. :)

Toujours Pur )
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How do you copy/paste on a Mac? I've tried Control-C/Control-V, not working.

How do you right-click/save-as on a Mac (which has no right-click)?

PLEASE someone help me!
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So, next week I'm supposed to move to Edmonton. I've spent the last six weeks trying to get an apartment, and failed.

See, I applied for a nice, cheap place in a great location, and was turned down because I don't have a job in Edmonton. Well duh, I'll be a full-time student, that's why I have savings to pay my expenses (which I provided proof of). They know that, they're actively catering to students!

Since I'd paid the security deposit, they couldn't give the apartment to someone else, so I applied again with my mother as a cosigner (since she does have a full-time job), and they said no because she had bad credit. It turned out the credit report people couldn't find her record; we found it for them. She actually has excellent credit.

And did I mention that each time I applied, they took at least a week to respond?

So, we applied again, providing a fancy credit report (which we paid for), and after making us wait another week, they sent the application back, saying they didn't have the other paperwork we gave them with our earlier applications.

We sent all the original paperwork again. They made us wait some more. Finally we got fed up and called the management to find out what was taking so fucking long. Their answer? Since I "changed my cosigner so many times" (BULLSHIT!) they've blacklisted me. They didn't make any effort to inform me of this.

We also offered (more than once) to pay six months rent in advance if they didn't trust my impending joblessness. They wouldn't accept that.

Time elapsed between my first inquiry about the apartment and today: SIX FUCKING WEEKS. I'm supposed to move next week.

Fortunately I have relatives in Edmonton, one of whom is looking for a roommate. So I'll be moving in with him. Only problem is he lives way across town from my school, so transport might be an issue. And I've only met him twice.

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Calliope, after the Greek Muse of epic poetry.

The parents seem to having trouble with this name too. It took them months to get Shadowfax right. Sigh.

Cat Update

Jul. 1st, 2010 02:41 pm
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Sunday: We discovered an abscess on Shadowfax's tail. Some other cat bit him! He was feverish and miserable. :(

Monday: New cat arrived! She loves it here. She's thrilled to be indoors with no other animals or little kids around. (We're keeping her and Shadowfax separated for the time being.) New kitty likes it here so much she refuses to go outside at all.

I took Shadowfax to the vet. They shaved part of his tail, cleaned it up, gave him antibiotics and sent him home, saying the abscess was draining and he'd be fine.

Tuesday: Shadowfax's tail still painful as hell. Poor kitty! :'(

Wednesday: New cat went to the vet for shots. She hated being stuck in a cage in a moving car, and made sure I knew it. Howl, howl, howl. Cranky all through her appointment, but sweet and friendly as soon as we got home.

Shadowfax still miserable, and he hasn't even noticed the new cat yet. He moaned and hissed when we tried to check on his tail. We started to worry about him.

Today: Shadowfax is feeling much better. He let me fiddle with his tail without any complaint. No more swelling, no more pus. He's back to his old happy self. We're very relieved.

New cat still doesn't have a name. She and Shadowfax still haven't met. We might keep it that way until I move out next month, as Shadowfax is very territorial.

In other news, I might have found an apartment in Edmonton. Long-distance apartment-hunting is not fun. I've spent nearly two weeks sorting through red tape and waaaiiitiiing, and still not sure I'm getting it.

Happy birthday to [ profile] dreamflower02!

Good News!

Jun. 27th, 2010 03:25 pm
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I'm getting another cat!

She's a farm cat who isn't coping well with the outdoor-only, fend-for-yourself life. She hates the crowds of little kids that are always around too. So, I'm taking her!

Slight problem though: she desperately needs a new name. I cannot call a cat "Fifi" with a straight face. I'd like to name her after a kickass mythological or historical figure, but I'm having trouble thinking of some. Does anyone have suggestions?

Please link to this post and send your f-lists here with names! (My readership is tiny, alas.)

EDIT: She's orange with white paws and a white bib. Long fur, very fuzzy. Green eyes. Friendly, likes to cuddle and roll in/on things. Can really howl when she's unhappy. Good hunter, but prefers the indoors.
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Comment with "When I'm dancing with you, tomorrow doesn't matter," and I will ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Post the answers in your own journal.

Here are the questions [ profile] dreamflower02 asked me:

1. Which of your fandoms is your all-time favourite?

I don't have any one favourite. If I really fall in love with a fandom, it joins a group of all-time favourites, all which are equally beloved because I cannot possibly choose any one of them over the rest. I obsess over them one or two at a time.

Tolkien has some special sentimental value because it was my first online fandom, and the first one in which I got brave enough to try writing.

2. What do YOU think really happened to Queen Beruthiel?

Most likely? She and the cats drifted at sea until they died of thirst, probably eating those among them who died first.

What I prefer to think? Their boat reached land somewhere and they survived together in the wild until they died of old age. All the stray cats in the area joined them, and she was much happier with only cats for company than she'd ever been among people.

3. Is there one food you think you could never bring yourself to try?

Lots of them, actually. I'm a very picky eater. I don't try to be, but most things I try to eat are horrible for some reason or other.

As for things I wouldn't try even if I were starving, sushi comes to mind. I loathe seafood and undercooked meat, so uncooked seafood? No fucking way. Also, haggis (sheep guts!), caviar (fish eggs!), escargots (snails!), parmesan cheese (the smell of that shit makes me sick!). Probably others I'm forgetting.

Don't invite me to dinner unless you know my tastes very well. *g*

4. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Ah, fun times. When I was three, my folks and I went out to dinner somewhere and got raging food poisoning. We were puking literally the whole night. My earliest memory is of that night: screaming, crying, moaning, vomiting. Vomiting everywhere.

This is my only memory from before age four, so it must have been quite a night.

5. Is there something about you that you hope never changes?

I very much like being an atheist. No one can tell me what to think, I live my life the way I see fit, I don't have to obey any witch doctors clerics who are more concerned with keeping me in line and enforcing their doctrine than with my actual needs, and I have no fear that an invisible magic man in the sky is going to torture me for eternity because I had some naughty thoughts about Peregrin Took. :) And believe it or not, the lack of superstition in my life has not turned me into a psychopathic, kitten-torturing, blood-drinking serial killer! Fancy that!

If I ever convert to a religion, any religion, that will mean I have suffered either severe brain damage or a psychotic break. I'd prefer to hold onto my sanity.

So! Anyone else want to play?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Um, someone who intentionally sets my house on fire with me in it is presumably trying to kill me, or at the very least has no regard for my life, home, or belongings. Why the hell would I waste precious minutes to save them? They deserve to die in their own fire!

I'd save my cat and maybe small valuables, and if I had time, whack the arsonist on the head and leave them to their own devices.

Honestly, would anyone save the arsonist (and likely would-be murderer)?

I'm Back

Jun. 14th, 2010 01:37 pm
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My pet-sitting job is done. I looked after a dog, two cats and some fish for five days.

The dog, Piper, was kinda nuts. He'd bark!bark!bark!bark! at the slightest hint that I was going outside. Seriously, he would not shut up, or even pause between barks. He was worse when I actually took him out for walks. Friendly, though.

The cats, Karina and Sukie, were adorable. Karina is unbelievably fat, and waddles around on teeny tiny paws. She let me pet her the first time I met her, and was soon wandering onto my lap (but didn't stay there. Not a lap cat.). Sukie ran away from our first meeting. As the owners were leaving they said I probably wouldn't see much of her, and indeed, I didn't see her at all for about thirty hours. Occasionally I heard meowing that wasn't Karina, but I couldn't tell where it came from. Finally I tracked the meowing and found Sukie trapped in the master bedroom. (The cats aren't allowed in there, so she must have snuck in before the owners left.) She ran straight for her water bowl when I let her out, poor thing. :(

Sukie was obviously shy, but the next morning she too was curling up on my lap like she'd known me forever. She spent about half of the remaining time I was there glued to me. She liked me so much Piper got jealous and tried to chase the cats away from me.

This is not unusual. Cats love me. I guess they recognize a true cat lover when they see one. :)
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So, I'm 25 now.

No special plans for today, just work as usual. Nice dinner last night.

I'll be spending most of the week pet-sitting, and may or may not have internet access. I suspect not. TV season's over, so the library better have some good stuff. At least there will be cats (and an insane dog).
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Up again, this time for good. Spent the last few hours examining my eyelids. Die, insomnia, die.

Leaving for Vancouver in an hour. See y'all on Monday.


May. 15th, 2010 06:26 am
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Up way too fucking early, because my fucking insomnia struck again! I've been awake all night and it's now 6:15 AM. And I have to be up all day. FUCK YOU, INSOMNIA!!!!!

On the bright side, I'll be up all day to do something FUN!

For two (2) consecutive weekends, this antisocial recluse is actually going out and doing things. With people. Will wonders never cease?

Last week: a gay wedding. This weekend: off to Vancouver for a concert and the art gallery! Details forthcoming.

I heard the original Law and Order is being cancelled. Is it true? That show's been going for twenty years now, hasn't it? About time, really.

Now perhaps if I bash my head against the wall until I pass out, I can get some sleep.
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Shadowfax was just tearing around, trying to bash the door down. I'm going out soon, so he's not allowed out.

So. He jumped up onto my desk and FARTED. A big juicy one.

I let him out.
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Minutes ago, Shadowfax came in from outside, had a quick bite to eat, and went straight to where I kept his treats until today, meowing forlornly (and sniffing at the cupboard I moved them to). I took pity on him and gave him a handful. He gobbled them up in seconds and searched the floor, horribly offended that more treats weren't appearing. Wasn't His Majestic Cuteness supposed to be the all-powerful Emperor of the World? WHERE WERE HIS TREATS, DAMNIT?

Well, he may have me trained to jump out of bed and open the door for him at all hours of the day (I sleep by day - usually. Damn insomnia!), but I can't surrender EVERY LAST OUNCE of control to His Majesty, can I?

He refused to speak to me and went right back outside. Being a good minion master, I opened the door for him again without complaint. But he'll recover from his upset soon. We still know who's in charge here. . . . Right?
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Was just up all night, and can't get to sleep. Going to work tonight will suck. Insomnia, I hate you.

Got Shadowfax a bag of kitty treats. Just gave him two, and he's already figured out where I keep the bag. Had to hide it. He immediately started crying, looking for it. Smart kitty. :)

Got a nice tax refund and had to spend it right away on car and tuition expenses. :(

My trailer is infested with ants. A few years ago I'd have been demanding a room in my parents' house, but now I'm getting used to them. I still intend to poison the shit out of them, of course. Shadowfax has fortunately shown not the slightest interest in the ant killer thus far. Good kitty. :)

Fun fact: squished ant guts smell like extra-sour vinegar!

I signed up for [ profile] femgenficathon. Now wondering what the hell to write. So many characters I've never written before; will my oh-so-fragile self-confidence hold up enough to try new ones? Or even a new fandom? Or should I revisit ideas I've left languishing? I don't know. Am open to suggestions.


Apr. 4th, 2010 09:54 pm
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So, here's the update I promised.

As I mentioned last year, I'm living in a shitty trailer on my folks' rural property. I have an unimpressive part-time job (janitor) that doesn't pay much (but it's a stress-free job with very flexible hours).

But, good things are happening. I finally got accepted to a program called Biological Sciences Technology! In Edmonton. So I will be moving in a few months. Actually moving out permanently, into an apartment. I have been dreaming of this since I was 12! Of course, now I have to panic about money; specifically, where the hell am I going to get some? I'm not one of those freaks who can hold down a job and go to school full-time.

I'll still need the folks to pay for rent and food (argh!) but I should have enough saved to manage the rest myself. There's probably no need to panic, as long as other looming expenses don't clean me out.

When I moved out here my cat Shadowfax was allowed to go outside at last. He loves it here. He's out frolicking in the bushes and killing things at the crack of dawn. Poor guy'll be an indoor kitty again in Edmonton.

In preparation for school I just replaced my aging computer with a fancy-ass iMac. WOW. Fancy. Just set it up today, now playing around and learning how to use it. The monitor is unbelievable. Clearest picture EVER.

I still have a partially-dislocated jaw that needs fixing (possibly involving surgery), and no dental insurance. And I recently discovered a big, honking cavity too. Ain't life grand?

I'm writing again. I just did a Potter fic for [ profile] springtime_gen, and I'm planning more. I might branch out into new fandoms.

That's all for today. I will update for often forthwith.


Apr. 2nd, 2010 08:29 pm
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I've finished my fic, and I'm exhausted. Didn't sleep last night, spent today shopping (ick), stressed from worrying about the damn fic.

So. Detailed entry after I've recovered.


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