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Comment with "When I'm dancing with you, tomorrow doesn't matter," and I will ask you five questions to satisfy my curiosity. Post the answers in your own journal.

Here are the questions [livejournal.com profile] dreamflower02 asked me:

1. Which of your fandoms is your all-time favourite?

I don't have any one favourite. If I really fall in love with a fandom, it joins a group of all-time favourites, all which are equally beloved because I cannot possibly choose any one of them over the rest. I obsess over them one or two at a time.

Tolkien has some special sentimental value because it was my first online fandom, and the first one in which I got brave enough to try writing.

2. What do YOU think really happened to Queen Beruthiel?

Most likely? She and the cats drifted at sea until they died of thirst, probably eating those among them who died first.

What I prefer to think? Their boat reached land somewhere and they survived together in the wild until they died of old age. All the stray cats in the area joined them, and she was much happier with only cats for company than she'd ever been among people.

3. Is there one food you think you could never bring yourself to try?

Lots of them, actually. I'm a very picky eater. I don't try to be, but most things I try to eat are horrible for some reason or other.

As for things I wouldn't try even if I were starving, sushi comes to mind. I loathe seafood and undercooked meat, so uncooked seafood? No fucking way. Also, haggis (sheep guts!), caviar (fish eggs!), escargots (snails!), parmesan cheese (the smell of that shit makes me sick!). Probably others I'm forgetting.

Don't invite me to dinner unless you know my tastes very well. *g*

4. What is your earliest childhood memory?

Ah, fun times. When I was three, my folks and I went out to dinner somewhere and got raging food poisoning. We were puking literally the whole night. My earliest memory is of that night: screaming, crying, moaning, vomiting. Vomiting everywhere.

This is my only memory from before age four, so it must have been quite a night.

5. Is there something about you that you hope never changes?

I very much like being an atheist. No one can tell me what to think, I live my life the way I see fit, I don't have to obey any witch doctors clerics who are more concerned with keeping me in line and enforcing their doctrine than with my actual needs, and I have no fear that an invisible magic man in the sky is going to torture me for eternity because I had some naughty thoughts about Peregrin Took. :) And believe it or not, the lack of superstition in my life has not turned me into a psychopathic, kitten-torturing, blood-drinking serial killer! Fancy that!

If I ever convert to a religion, any religion, that will mean I have suffered either severe brain damage or a psychotic break. I'd prefer to hold onto my sanity.

So! Anyone else want to play?


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