Aug. 5th, 2010 11:15 pm
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Leaving tomorrow at crack of dawn.

Things went wrong at the last possible minute that I have no way of fixing. Of course. Alternating between screaming and throwing things, and crying because I have to leave poor Shadowfax behind. It cannot be understated how much I'll miss him. :'(

Won't have internet for days, possibly weeks. Will update as soon as I can.

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I'm leaving for Edmonton Friday morning. It'll be a 2-day drive through the Rockies, with a cat who hates travelling. Fun.

I was going to take Shadowfax with me, but he's an outdoor cat. He loves frolicking through the woods and goes nuts just staying inside overnight. In Edmonton he'd have to stay indoors all the time; it'd be too cruel. So I'm leaving him with my parents, where he can roam and kill things to his heart's content, and taking the new cat with me. She doesn't mind staying inside.

By the way, the name Calliope doesn't really suit her, so now I'm calling her Phoebe.

I'll miss Shadowfax like hell, but I don't have the heart to lock him up indoors. He won't be happy when I leave; he loves me, follows me around everywhere. Poor kitty. :( He's curled up near my feet right now. So cute!

Hopefully I'll be getting a new cell phone with a camera, so I'll try to get pictures during the drive. The scenery's spectacular.

Cat Update

Jul. 1st, 2010 02:41 pm
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Sunday: We discovered an abscess on Shadowfax's tail. Some other cat bit him! He was feverish and miserable. :(

Monday: New cat arrived! She loves it here. She's thrilled to be indoors with no other animals or little kids around. (We're keeping her and Shadowfax separated for the time being.) New kitty likes it here so much she refuses to go outside at all.

I took Shadowfax to the vet. They shaved part of his tail, cleaned it up, gave him antibiotics and sent him home, saying the abscess was draining and he'd be fine.

Tuesday: Shadowfax's tail still painful as hell. Poor kitty! :'(

Wednesday: New cat went to the vet for shots. She hated being stuck in a cage in a moving car, and made sure I knew it. Howl, howl, howl. Cranky all through her appointment, but sweet and friendly as soon as we got home.

Shadowfax still miserable, and he hasn't even noticed the new cat yet. He moaned and hissed when we tried to check on his tail. We started to worry about him.

Today: Shadowfax is feeling much better. He let me fiddle with his tail without any complaint. No more swelling, no more pus. He's back to his old happy self. We're very relieved.

New cat still doesn't have a name. She and Shadowfax still haven't met. We might keep it that way until I move out next month, as Shadowfax is very territorial.

In other news, I might have found an apartment in Edmonton. Long-distance apartment-hunting is not fun. I've spent nearly two weeks sorting through red tape and waaaiiitiiing, and still not sure I'm getting it.

Happy birthday to [ profile] dreamflower02!
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Shadowfax was just tearing around, trying to bash the door down. I'm going out soon, so he's not allowed out.

So. He jumped up onto my desk and FARTED. A big juicy one.

I let him out.
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Minutes ago, Shadowfax came in from outside, had a quick bite to eat, and went straight to where I kept his treats until today, meowing forlornly (and sniffing at the cupboard I moved them to). I took pity on him and gave him a handful. He gobbled them up in seconds and searched the floor, horribly offended that more treats weren't appearing. Wasn't His Majestic Cuteness supposed to be the all-powerful Emperor of the World? WHERE WERE HIS TREATS, DAMNIT?

Well, he may have me trained to jump out of bed and open the door for him at all hours of the day (I sleep by day - usually. Damn insomnia!), but I can't surrender EVERY LAST OUNCE of control to His Majesty, can I?

He refused to speak to me and went right back outside. Being a good minion master, I opened the door for him again without complaint. But he'll recover from his upset soon. We still know who's in charge here. . . . Right?
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Was just up all night, and can't get to sleep. Going to work tonight will suck. Insomnia, I hate you.

Got Shadowfax a bag of kitty treats. Just gave him two, and he's already figured out where I keep the bag. Had to hide it. He immediately started crying, looking for it. Smart kitty. :)

Got a nice tax refund and had to spend it right away on car and tuition expenses. :(

My trailer is infested with ants. A few years ago I'd have been demanding a room in my parents' house, but now I'm getting used to them. I still intend to poison the shit out of them, of course. Shadowfax has fortunately shown not the slightest interest in the ant killer thus far. Good kitty. :)

Fun fact: squished ant guts smell like extra-sour vinegar!

I signed up for [ profile] femgenficathon. Now wondering what the hell to write. So many characters I've never written before; will my oh-so-fragile self-confidence hold up enough to try new ones? Or even a new fandom? Or should I revisit ideas I've left languishing? I don't know. Am open to suggestions.


Apr. 4th, 2010 09:54 pm
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So, here's the update I promised.

As I mentioned last year, I'm living in a shitty trailer on my folks' rural property. I have an unimpressive part-time job (janitor) that doesn't pay much (but it's a stress-free job with very flexible hours).

But, good things are happening. I finally got accepted to a program called Biological Sciences Technology! In Edmonton. So I will be moving in a few months. Actually moving out permanently, into an apartment. I have been dreaming of this since I was 12! Of course, now I have to panic about money; specifically, where the hell am I going to get some? I'm not one of those freaks who can hold down a job and go to school full-time.

I'll still need the folks to pay for rent and food (argh!) but I should have enough saved to manage the rest myself. There's probably no need to panic, as long as other looming expenses don't clean me out.

When I moved out here my cat Shadowfax was allowed to go outside at last. He loves it here. He's out frolicking in the bushes and killing things at the crack of dawn. Poor guy'll be an indoor kitty again in Edmonton.

In preparation for school I just replaced my aging computer with a fancy-ass iMac. WOW. Fancy. Just set it up today, now playing around and learning how to use it. The monitor is unbelievable. Clearest picture EVER.

I still have a partially-dislocated jaw that needs fixing (possibly involving surgery), and no dental insurance. And I recently discovered a big, honking cavity too. Ain't life grand?

I'm writing again. I just did a Potter fic for [ profile] springtime_gen, and I'm planning more. I might branch out into new fandoms.

That's all for today. I will update for often forthwith.

Life Update

Jul. 1st, 2009 01:39 pm
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I've moved! I now live in a trailer on my parents' rural property.

My trailer is half-eaten by fungus; my stuff in still in boxes because the cupboards are too disgusting. I have no TV channels at all, and very spotty internet access (dial-up, to boot). I haven't read my f-list in almost 3 weeks, and still don't have time to fully do so. I'm feeling very deprived.

My kitty loves it here. In fact, he's been so fascinated he hasn't attacked my feet in weeks. This occured to me just last night; I thought, Hmmm, Shadowfax hasn't tried to remove the skin from my feet since we moved. Then I thought, Of course, now that I've thought that, he's bound to go for them any minute. Lo and behold, seconds later, Shadowfax suddenly dove for my feet with claws extended and thirsty for blood. Bow before your mighty Prophetess, minions!

And now, I have to get off the computer before I run out of access hours (damn dial-up). More news later.

Also, happy birthday to [ profile] dreamflower02, and happy Canada Day!


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