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Sometimes my computer does something weird. I turn it off, it shuts down as usual . . . then I come back later to find it on again. No one but me ever touches it.

The other night my watch joined in the fun. It was fine when I went to work. Lunch break at 3:30, back to work at 4:00; my watch had the correct time. Later, I glance at the watch and it's almost 6:00. Wow, says I, where'd the time go? I keep working until 7:30, as usual, then go to punch out, wondering why it's so quiet; there's usually more people around by now.

And . . . shit, it's only 6:30! My watch is lying to me. Somehow it jumped ahead an hour sometime between 4:00 and 5:00.

Changing the time by exactly an hour requires pushing 3 different buttons, each several times, in exactly the right order, and cannot be done by accident. The most I've ever done accidentally is switch to timer mode (one button, pressed once).

Damn machines are possessed.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 07:13 pm
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I keep a stack of CDs about 3 feet from my computer. This is music I've been listening to recently, so I know what's in that stack.

Today I glanced over at the stack and saw a CD case that didn't look familiar. I took a closer look, and it turned out to be a CD I don't own and have never seen before. And right below it, I found another CD that I lost while moving from another house a year and a half ago.

I never found the lost CD, nor did I ever buy the new one.

My parents both deny putting the CDs in my room, and I have no memory of acquiring them. I wouldn't have been willing to spend money for them anyway (though I'll happily take them for free). I also can't see my parents paying for them. No one else has had access to my room.

My dad might have put them in my room and lied about it just to mess with my head (he's done that sort of thing before), but that still doesn't explain how or why he might have gotten them in the first place. He's cheap, and knows nothing about my taste in music.

My possessions are very important to me, so I keep track of them. I know exactly what I do and don't own. I did not buy these CDs and forget about it.

So what the hell's going on? Opinions, anyone?


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