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In which Sam feels guilty.

That is a LOT of blood for an eye bleed.

Sam’s nightmares are asking why, accusingly. He’s blaming himself, and perhaps asking the universe/God/whatever why this keeps happening to him. What does the killer want, and why is it after him in particular? The nightmares are also so bad that Dean, who hates talking about feelings, wakes Sam up and says they’ll have to talk about it soon.

Sam bribes their way into the morgue. What would they have done if the doctor had been there?

Body sitting in the open, at room temperature, days after death. For all they know he could have some nasty hemorrhagic virus. Get your shit together, morgue.

Melting eyeballs wouldn’t be fatal, so the brain must have hemorrhaged as well. Quickly, since the guy didn’t flee the room screaming as his eyes melted.

"Guy had more blood in his skull than anyoneI’ve ever seen." The skull obviously hasn’t been opened; get your shit together, makeup department.

Library computers are down. This research ought to take days.

And now for some gratuitous semi-nudity.

Jill dies very quietly. Liquifying eyes would hurt like hell, so the brain must go first. She either dies fast, before the eyes are gone, or she’s paralyzed by the time they liquify. She was obviously fully conscious when she collapsed, so I suspect the latter. Not a pleasant way to go.

The research *is* taking days. Fun.

Sam has a night vision camera. Why does he never use it again?

They have a black light too. Where’d it go after this episode? Maybe all these toys were destroyed in the season finale car crash. :(

Jill killed a kid with a car, but there was no noticable damage? Or did her parents cover up for her along with her friends?

How did Dean get access to crime scene photos?

Mary is now stalking Charlie. No one else can see her reflection appearing everywhere.

Mary’s been dead for years, but only just started killing. Does no one play Bloody Mary her home town?

They’re covering up reflective surfaces to keep Mary away, but they’re forgetting one: their eyes. Eyeballs are reflective! Fortunately Mary seems to have forgotten that fact as well.

Charlie’s boyfriend frightened her, and threatened her when she broke up with him (threatened to kill *himself*, but that is still a threat). Sounds like an abusive asshole, and she was right to leave him. The fact that he actually killed himself indicates either: 1) he had some serious mental health issues, in which case his abusive tendencies may have been unintentional; or 2) he was a sick fuck who would rather die (and leave her guilt-ridden for the rest of her life) than let her move on.

Charlie doesn’t say *why* he scared her. She doesn’t say he actually hurt her. If scenario 2 is true, I think he would have tried other methods of controlling her before suicide. I’m leaning toward scenario 1.

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert on mental illness or domestic abuse.)

Mary considers Charlie guilty of murder for not taking his suicide threat seriously. According to Sam this sort of thinking is typical for ghosts. I wonder what Mary would have thought when she was alive. Did she become so judgmental after death, or was she like that in life? Does becoming a ghost cause personality changes?

Just remembered Bobby in season 7! Ghosts’ minds *do* warp after death. ”Ghost Alzheimer’s.”

Mary’s after Sam. He had fucking clue a demon was going to kill Jessica. Does Mary just target people who *feel* guilty, whether they actually are or not? If that’s how she works then a remorseless serial killer could summon her and be perfectly safe.

About Sam’s guilt: He’s at Stanford, out of hunting, happy with his life, about to propose to Jess. He starts having dreams about Jess burning on the ceiling. He’s not psychic, never had a prophetic dream before, so why should he feel the need to warn Jess about anything? He probably figures it’s his subconscious worrying about Jess finding out he used to kill things professionally or something. Dreams are weird, and most of them don’t mean a damn thing.

Then she dies. Not only was he helpless to save her, he didn’t even realize she was in danger until too late. Cue the guilt. Any decent person would feel it. Doesn’t mean anything is his fault.

Why didn’t he tell Dean about the dreams? They were raised to kill anything with any kind of supernatural power, with particular focus on and hatred for the thing that killed their mom. Of course he’s not going to announce, “Guess what! I seem to have some supernatural connection to the thing we’ve been hunting our whole lives!”

In season 8 he mentions feeling unclean even as a child; perhaps deep down he’s afraid if Dean (or John) find out about the dreams, they’ll decide he’s a monster who deserves to die. Given how Dean reacts when he does find out, and John’s instructions to Dean to save Sam or kill him, I’d say that’s a perfectly legitimate fear.

Anyway, Sam’s eyes are bleeding and he can’t seem to fight. Dean smashes the mirror. It doesn’t work and Mary’s now after both of them.

Clearly the makers of this ep have seen The Ring.

Dean holds up a mirror and Mary’s reflection accuses her of murder. Mary takes herself out. Sam and Dean are fine, no apparent brain damage.

Sam sees Jess. Ghost? Hallucination?

I’ve seen that taverna on Once Upon a Time.

Death count: 1 man, 2 women

Kill count: Dean 1, Sam 0
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